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10 Best Senior Agile/Scrum Remote jobs found this week

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Scrum remote jobs

  • 🏝 Scrum Master at TSG
    $100,000-$120,000 🏡 Remote - US
    Go, Customer Support, Product, Admin, Agile, iOS, Android, Back End

Project Manager remote jobs

  • 🏝 Direct Contract - Project Manager at Allteks, Remote/Southampton, 3 Months, to £500 per day (Remote (Southampton, UK))
    £500 per day 🏡 Southampton, UK, Remote and other locations
    Project Management, Research, Education, Full Time

  • 🏝 NICE Actimize Project Manager - Remote at Technojobs
    £451 to £496 per day 🏡 London, UK, Remote
    Analytic, Content, Full Time, Contract, iOS, Executive

  • 🏝 Digital Project Manager at Planet Argon
    🏡 USA, Rails Applications, Remote
    Go, Performance, Influence, Full Time, Product, Agile, Part Time, Marketing

  • 🏝 Remote Partner Operations Manager at Seeq Corporation
    🏡 Seattle, Washington, Remote and other locations
    Analytic, Cloud, Sales, Marketing, AWS, IaaS, SaaS, Azure

  • 🏝 Remote Clinical Project Manager at Advanced Group
    🏡 United States, Remote
    Healthcare, Full Time, Medical, Research, Business Development, Startup, Contract, Project Management

  • 🏝 Project Manager, Content at Hubstaff
    🏡 Americas / Europe, Americas, Remote and other locations
    Marketing, Freelance, SEO, Project Management, Bonus, Startup, Video, Growth

  • 🏝 Remote Senior Product Manager at Apollo GraphQL
    🏡 US, the United States, Remote and other locations
    GraphQL, Full Time, Impact, Startup, Growth, Product Management, Influence, Medical

Jira remote jobs

  • 🏝 Net Developer - Full Stack - at Our
    £400 – 425 per day 🏡 Net, Remote
    Senior, Contract, Scrum, Agile, C#, SQL, Ecommerce, Web Dev

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