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10 Best Senior Agile/Scrum Remote jobs found this week

Scrum remote jobs

Project Manager remote jobs

  • 🏝 Remote Shopify Project Manager - Ecommerce Agency at C2 Digital
    $30k - $45k USD
    Go, Design, Analytic, Project Management, Efficiency, Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, Content

  • 🏝 Community & Project Manager at Lecture in Progress
    £22250 - £28000.00 🏡 New Job, London, Remote
    Junior, Contract, Full Time, Content, Growth, Project Management, Senior, Marketing

  • 🏝 Project Manager for a virtual team at GLOBAL APPCASTING AB
    🏡 React.js, Remote
    Back End, C#, Design, DevOps, Front End, Full Stack, JavaScript, React

  • 🏝 Website Design Project Manager at LYFE Marketing
    🏡 United States
    Marketing, Product, Full Time, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO, UX, Education

  • 🏝 Social Media Coordinator at Nexus
    🏡 United States, the United States, Remote
    Stock options, Project Manager, Manager, Product, Content, Marketing, Game, Video

  • 🏝 Boston, Massachusetts, United States at MetaCell
    🏡 Boston, Massachusetts, Remote and other locations
    Manager, Research, Healthcare, Ads, Project Manager, Recruiter, Senior, Mobile

Agile remote jobs

  • 🏝 Engineering Manager at Formstack
    🏡 United States
    QA, Scrum, Agile, Performance, Growth, Project Management, SaaS, Product

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