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10 Best Senior Social Media Remote jobs found this week

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Social Media remote jobs

  • 🏝 Social Media and Content Executive at Fetch.ai
    🏡 Cambridge, UK, Remote
    Hiring, Remote, Blockchain, Crypto, Autonomy, Machine Learning, Learning, Startup

  • 🏝 Head of Social Media at SafetyWing
    🏡 San Francisco, Mexico, Remote and other locations
    Hiring, Remote, Health, Insurance, Travel, Medical, Remote Work, Community

  • 🏝 Social Media Executive - TechnikPR UK at Social Media Executive - TechnikPR UK
    🏡 Remote (UK)
    Junior, Remote, PR, Environment, High Tech, Services, Gaming, Computer

  • 🏝 Social Media Intern at DocuSign
    🏡 Seattle, Washington, Remote and other locations - 🇺🇸 Likely US-only
    Remote, Marketing, Content, Data, Data-Driven, Cloud, Impact, Business

  • 🏝 Paid Social Media Advertising Specialist at Dragon360
    🏡 Kingston, Hudson Valley, Remote and other locations
    Remote, Remote Work, Coaching, Networking, Full Time, Management, Digital advertising, Sales

Community Manager/ Management remote jobs

  • 🏝 Lead Community Manager at ADA
    $18-21/hr 🏡 Chicago, Indigenous Communities, Remote
    Leadership, Part Time, Contract, Remote, Organization, Development, Nonprofit, People

  • 🏝 Brand and Community Manager at Popdog
    🏡 Los Angeles, Remote
    Hiring, Remote, Product, Full Time, Gaming, Content, People, Streaming

  • 🏝 Product Marketing Manager at Wise Systems - Product Marketing Manager
    🏡 Cambridge, MA, Remote
    Hiring, Content, Content Marketing, Community, Full Stack, Remote, Full Time, Software

  • 🏝 Senior Manager, Community at Senior Manager
    🏡 New York, United States, Remote and other locations
    Hiring, Remote, Support, Business, Front, Development, Communication, Strategy

  • 🏝 Community Manager - Section4 - Just at Community Manager
    Remote Work, Remote, Product, Business, Other, Strategy, Education, Energy

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